Quest Asset Management, Inc. aggressively researches each real estate market in which we are involved.  Detailed analysis  performed within each market allows our asset managers to provide professional informed assistance to property owners through our extensive resources and years of experience. This allows us to give the owner an informed opinion as to how their properties should be positioned in each market.   Furthermore, this allows us to properly suggest rents, develop budgets, evaluate on-site staff, create capital budgets and prepare property forecasts.

Professional On-Site Services

In addition to providing a professional and qualified corporate staff, Quest Asset Management, Inc. performs a broad range of services at the property level.  These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Marketing
  • Interviewing for all On-site Personnel
  • Evaluating Market Rents
  • Constant Monitoring of Occupancy and Leased Status
  • Tight Expense Controls
  • Rent Collection
  • Checking Applicant Credit & Background
  • Adhering to Resident Screening Guidelines
  • Executing Lease Contracts
  • Monitoring & Processing Lease Renewals
  • Enforcing the Rules of a Lease Contract
  • Dealing with Lease Violators
  • Evictions
  • Monitoring Utilities
  • Grounds Keeping
  • Security and Safety of Premise
  • Tenant Maintenance Requests
  • Knowledge of Landlord / Tenant Laws
  • Knowledge of Fair Housing Laws 
  • Knowledge of tax credit compliance rules

Contract Management

Quest Asset Management, Inc. has a department devoted to negotiating and executing contracts with outside vendors.  This department also monitors contract renewals, providing our clients efficient and effective operational cost controls. Contract monitoring ensures all agreements are renegotiated before renewal, certificates of liability insurance remain current, liability waivers remain on file and management is aware of pricing irregularities before invoices are processed.

Preventative Maintenance

Quest Asset Management, Inc. has developed a system to ensure that major deferred maintenance does not occur on our properties by providing an extensive education program to all employees about preventative maintenance.  This is, in part, accomplished by having the property managers submit a monthly Preventative Maintenance Checklist to his or her supervisor confirming all items on the property have been thoroughly inspected. 

Accounting & Financial Services

Quest Asset Management, Inc. understands that financial reporting is one of the major foundations of business.  Clients are provided a wide array of tools to aid in important decision making from basic financial statements and yearly budgets to an assortment of in-depth financial reports. We are equipped to expediently and accurately provide:

  • Monthly and annual financial statements prepared in accordance with GAAP
  • Monthly and year to date income and expense statements with actual budget comparisons
  • Full service accounts payable department to confirm invoices are recorded properly and to ensure timely payments
  • Accounts receivable software which generates management reports to ensure rent and other charges are recorded and collected in a timely manner
  • Proper calculation and payment of sales tax, franchise tax, property taxes, etc…
  • Interface with payroll company
  • Financial reporting to mortgage holders and regulatory agencies
  • Audit packages for use by third party audit / tax preparation firms

Human Resources

In addition to monitoring the owner’s asset, Quest Asset Management, Inc. provides a professional team of portfolio supervisors to oversee the roles of all on-site personnel.  For each of these positions, the following payroll services are provided:  

  • Administer Credit, Criminal and Drug Screening
  • Proper Enrollment in Worker’s Compensation and Health Insurance
  • Enroll in Life Insurance and Other Employee Benefits
  • Tracking of Employee Vacation and Sick Time
  • Conducting Annual Personnel Reviews
  • Interface with payroll company

Additional Services

Because of our extensive experience in real estate development, we can provide expertise in many other real estate related areas.

  • Multi-Family Development
  • Senior Housing
  • Property Acquisition
  • Construction Services
  • Distressed Property Solutions
  • Occupancy Turnaround
  • Joint Ventures
  • Buyouts
  • Analysis of Potential Sale
  • Coordination of Property Tax Protesting
  • Filing and follow through of insurance claims

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